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Client Testimonials

Here are some comments from clients about how working with me has supported them


"As someone completely new to finding a councillor and going through this difficult process, I can not recommend Ian enough. Two years later I am walking away feeling more confident, more at ease with my thoughts & my sexuality and this is due to Ian’s empathic, warm and encouraging nature. Ian has been the perfect balance of having someone to show up for - yet not having to show anything but myself. I am beyond thankful for his perspective, time and support."

"Through working with Ian I have rediscovered a sense of my true self and values.  He was quick to identify with me the issues I needed to explore, relating back using clear analogies to help guide my  thinking and processing.  Ian helped me to unpick issues and helped me gain a more coherent understanding of myself, my issues and how to move beyond them."  

" I got everything I hoped to achieve and more from the sessions  I had with Ian.  Working in the here and now always gave my the opportunity to explore what what going on for me in that moment.  I feel vert comforted by what this experience of counselling has given me.  I have learnt the value of being myself."

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